I’m Marianne. I’m a wife, a mommy, a teacher, an unofficial nurse and a missionary. I love Jesus and despite my flaws He loves me unconditionally. He has given me His heart for the lost, abandoned and hurting children of this world. I cannot help but to love them.  I want to wrap each and everyone of them in my arms and tell them that they are a precious child of the most high God. A princess or a prince, treasured above silver or gold. God has created them in His image to fulfill a special plan with their unique gifts and talents. I want to see the light return and grow in every child’s eyes when they know and trust that God has promised to turn their heartache into hope and to redeem their past to position them for victory over the ever present darkness in this world.

I’m about hope.

I’m about second, third and fourth chances…

I’m about grace ~ both spiritual and social

I’m about character.

I’m about loving my husband.

I’m about Motherhood and mistakes.

I’m about leading by example.

I’m about clear communication and ironically trying to do that in language that is not my own.

I’m about really good coffee.

I’m about trying to be healthy more often than not.

I’m about music and worship and ministry.

I’m about the pursuit of wisdom and the death of self-centeredness.

I’m about living my life so that my legacy will unquestionably point to Jesus.

One thought on “About

  1. I’m very proud of your Marriane. I knew you were special and think of you everytime I look at that huge tree at Martic’s playground. I plan to try some of those pancakes out on Saturday. See you then. Dan Brown

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